Oral Friend, vocalist
Born: Feb 12th
Hometown: Charleston, MO
Education: Murray State/Linn State

Experience: Former Lead Vox for Cape area funk band GROOVE CONSPIRACY
High School and College various bands/musicals.
Longtime event and wedding DJ.

Influences: Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, P-funk, Prince, Zapp, Queen, Paul McCartney, Oingo Boingo, BarKays, Kate Bush, Kraftwerk, MAE, Nik Kershaw, Peter Gabriel, Squeeze, My Momma.

Video production guru at La Croix Church for 12 years, now running his own Film and Video Service company CINEMATIC PRODUCTIONS.

If P-funk's Bernie Worrell is the "Insurance Man for the Funk", I strive to be the "Soup Kitchen Chef for the Funk" - dishing out the funk to those in need. Or maybe "Sample Lady for the Funk", like that lady who hands out the Italian Meatball samples at Sams Club...  or "Stop-Light Rose Man for the Funk", you know, those guys who sell roses at the intersections... hmmm, maybe I need to think this one out more...  ("Commodities broker for the funk?", "Bollinger County Highway Roadkill Remover for the funk?")

Lives in Cape with his awesome daughter and a cat named Sweeney Todd.

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