Darren "Iceburg" Burgfeld, Trombone and webmaster

Darren first picked up a trombone at the insistence of Nick Leist, long-time band director at Jackson High School. "He's a natural," Nick said, and Darren was in love. With the horn, not Nick...

Darren managed to stay in the top of the pile throughout high school in Jackson, MO, playing with the Marching Chiefs, pep band and jazz band. After graduation, he took a year off from playing while he started attending Southeast Missouri State.

After prodding from Kristen Wieser, a fellow player from Jackson and from Barry Bernhardt, then director of University Bands, D came back to the band geek fold his second year and quickly immersed himself. Though never a music major, D played in many of the ensembles in the university program, leading the low brass in the Golden Eagles and the University Jazz Studio Ensemble as well as serving as band president for two years. He's also an alumnus of the Iota Psi chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.

During the college years, Darren was fortunate to play with some great people: Bill Watrous, The Temptations, El Buho, Stacy Mitchhart, Sam Godwin, Clark Terry, Mike Metheny, Lee Oskar and others.

In addition to playing with some cool folks through university bands, Darren was part of two ska/rock bands in college: Kernal Mustard and Cataphasia, which both experienced local and regional success, sharing the stage with the likes of MU330, Murder City Players, 2 Skinnee Js and Foreigner, among others. He was also the trombone player for local blues legend ACME Blues Band for several years.

During his stint as a US tour manager with Emergenza, D got to work with thousands of bands around the globe, and got to play with some great folks like Lowrise (Dallas), The Everyday People (Austin), The Grooveline Horns (Austin) and J. J. Johnson (horn section and drummer for Jason Mraz' current tour group), Les Fisher (John Mayer) and MC Overlord, in addition to hearing some of the best (and worst) music out there.

After college, D found himself fronting the still-active rock/reggae/funk/bluegrass/gansta rap/comedy act, Tone Def All-Stars, playing a bit of bone, but mostly singing, and echoing the fun with Those Darned Argyle Socks, the acoustic off-shoot of this group.

Now, a "wifetime" later, Iceburg is a dad to two awesome kids, Layla (7) and Lawson (4), and is married to his best friend, Carrie, who is way too hot for this dude. The house is always full of music, whether it's Layla blasting on dad's altophonium or pBone, or Lawson singing along with whatever concoction is brewing up.
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